B2B welcome to XXThreads


We are extremely pleased that you as entrepreneur are interested in our XXThreads. We, of XXThreads, would gladly work with you and support your investments in our lovely yarns.

Advertising and social media support

For this we have thought of the following advertising and social media supports:


We offer you the following support:


Especially for the XX-sales outlets, all XX-patterns are designed in series. This connects the consumer with your XX-sales outlet.
The XX-patterns are FREE and can be combined with the corresponding XX-colours.


XX-ZIP media library

All the XX-images/text/patterns show here, can be freely used to express your advertising and social media. 


The XX-freebies are often series that you can use on your website as an advertisement/promotion/ and/or you can share them on all your social media channels. 

XX-colour chart

The online XX-colour chart on XXThreads.com you can:

  • share as a page with your XX-customers
  • let your customers match the colours by using the colour matcher

Publication your company

Publication of your company by:

  • XX-sales outlets
  • colour chart
  • all 447 XX-colours
  • XX-patterns

You can make your company even better known

Does your company have any more good ideas with which XXThreads can make your sales outlet even better known or do you want to cooperate with us? We are all ears! You can reach us on: 

Email: info@xxthreads.com
Mobiel: 06 55 14 88 60 (Rielies Timmer)  

XXThreads Distributeur – Worldwide

G. Brouwer en Zoon
Oudhuijzerweg 69

Telephone number: (+31)0 297-281 557
Fax: (+31)0 297-283 971
 E-mail: info@gbrouwer.nl

Business hours:
Monday to Thursday: 08.30 – 17.00 hrs.
Friday: 08.30 – 16.00 hrs.

Your company on www.xxthreads.com

As soon as we receive new from G. Brouwer en Zoon that you have become an XX-sales outlet, we will contact you for the placing of your XX-sales outlet on www.xxthreads.com.

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